Ubah Yusuf

Brief info

I started a career in IT shortly after obtaining a Masters of Science from the London School of Economics. During the early part of my career I worked for tech start-ups and then progressed to larger global organizations where I managed large-scale global IT and cyber security projects. More recently, I created a global privacy program and continue to run it.

Like many, I learned about blockchain technologies after hearing about cryptocurrencies. Once I caught the bug, I devoured any and all information related to blockchains. During this time I realized that there was a lack of unbiased content. I launched BuzzOnTheBlock in 2018 to fill this gap. My goal is to publish high quality articles that non-technical people can understand. While some of the topics I address will surely be covered elsewhere, I intend on bringing a fresh and unbiased perspective. Whenever possible, I will weave my knowledge of security and privacy into related topics.


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