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Security-vs- Convenience: The Tradeoff

Security-vs- Convenience: The Tradeoff

So, you’ve caught the bug that’s spreading like wildfire.  You want to invest in cryptocurrencies.  You aren’t phased by the ...

Consensus Mechanisms – The backbone of block creation

Are you using a blockchain based app or thinking of using one?  If you are, you should know a little ...

Mobile Phone

High tech voting: will a mobile app using biometrics & blockchain secure our elections?

The midterm elections are a month away.  Yet our voting machines are outdated and our election processes remain vulnerable.  We ...

Eyes watching you

How to avoid being tracked on a blockchain

At the heart of blockchain technologies is the ability to make transactions in a trustless environment.  People no longer need ...

Mobile Payments Service by Gates Foundation

The Definitive Guide to Crypto Wallets

Did you find the right crypto wallet for your digital assets?  If you’re still searching, you’re not alone.  Discovering the ...

Street Food

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